Verity Clothing will soon redirect to Creative Notions

I know that many of you are probably wondering why I seemed to have fallen of the face of the earth.

Let me assuage your worst fears and say that I am alive and well, and I have been working on many projects that I am eager to share with you.

A few months back, I mentioned that I was working on a revamp of this blog that would include a new direction, a new name and a new domain. Well, I am happy to announce that it is finally (sort-of) ready.

My new blog, Creative Notions, is up and running. Please, head on over and take a look, if you are interested. There are several new posts in different categories, and there will be several more over the next few days.

A recent reconstruction-one of the new posts at Creative Notions

There will be a post within the next few days about this self-drafted open-back sundress

The reasons why I have created this new blog are many. So, I will spare you most of the details, but here is the main reason: Verity Clothing was too sewing specific and closely tied to my clothing line. I wanted to be able to share progress with our home renovations, as well as other creative endeavors. So, rather than have two different blogs, I decided to combine all of my creative interests into this one blog. This move will allow me to post about a variety of creative topics, and therefore, more frequently.

Verity Clothing will soon redirect to Creative Notions permanently. All of the content from Verity Clothing has been moved to Creative Notions. So, readers can still access any old posts they are interested in.

If you would like notification of new posts on Creative Notions, you will need to visit the blog and subscribe through the email subscription form, follow through Google Friend Connect, or subscribe to the RSS Feed.

I hope you will come visit my new blog. See you there!

About Becca

I am a self-taught seamstress, and I love to create unique women’s clothing. This blog is a record of the hodgepodge of sewing projects that occupy my time. Reconstruction projects are my favorite, but I also create clothing from my own designs using both recycled and new materials.
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1 Response to Verity Clothing will soon redirect to Creative Notions

  1. Rachel LAffoon says:

    Glad to have you back. MIssed you. Lovies, GA

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