Flowers and Silver Sheath Dress

A couple months back, I set out to make a sheath dress from a vintage pattern. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a pattern in the style I was looking for.

I looked through my patterns again and came across the one below (McCalls 8500) from the 60s.

I really liked the wide neckline and the shape of the skirt and top. I decided to combine the top and the skirt in view B, removing the little peplum thing from the top. It was pretty easy to combine the two pieces into a dress.

Sewing one of the many darts on the dress

The fabric that I chose was stretchy enough that a zipper wasn’t really necessary. I can just slip the dress on over my head with no problems.

I had to shorten the top significantly because of my short torso.

I knew that the pattern would fit my hips well, but I had to take it in at the bust and the waist.

The bust needed to be adjusted by about an inch on each side, and the waist had to come in about an inch and a half on each side.

At first I thought I might like the length. So, I cut the pieces out without shortening them, but I discovered when I put the dress on for the first time that the length was too much. I can’t seem to find a happy medium because now it’s a bit shorter than I would’ve liked.

I used the strip cut from the bottom of the dress to create a little belt.

With the neckline and armholes finished, and the dress hemmed, I was ready to do somersaults.

This was one of those projects that was started months ago, and put aside for later. It’s so gratifying when you finally push yourself to finish projects that have been dragging on and on.

I apologize for the lack of step-by-step photos for the process. It was one of those projects that I worked on a little bit at a time, so I didn’t think to take pictures.

With the adjustments I made to the top, the shoulder straps still sit wide on the shoulders (exactly the way I wanted them to sit), but don’t fall of my shoulders. I didn’t dress it up with any jewelry, because all of my jewelry is packed away and I’m not a big jewelry wearer (something I’d like to work on).

I need to find a little shrug to go with this dress. None of my cardigans go well with it. The jacket I’m finishing up looks OK with the dress; it just makes the ensemble look too much like dressy office attire.

I’m not terribly thrilled with how my hips currently look in the dress. In about another month, I should be closer to my fitness goals and happier with the fit of the dress.

Here’s a picture without the belt.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl festivities yesterday.

About Becca

I am a self-taught seamstress, and I love to create unique women’s clothing. This blog is a record of the hodgepodge of sewing projects that occupy my time. Reconstruction projects are my favorite, but I also create clothing from my own designs using both recycled and new materials.
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14 Responses to Flowers and Silver Sheath Dress

  1. Sarah Lewis says:

    What a beautiful dress! And, a beautiful young lady wearing it!! Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever watched the Super Bowl in a nursing home. Anthony and I took fried chicken, chips and queso and went to watch the game with Frank. It was a good game and we had a very nice visit.

  2. lsaspacey says:

    The fit is fabulous and what a great hourglass figure you have!

  3. Lisa S says:

    Really cute! I would go with no nylons and get some really cute strappy sandals.

    • Thanks! I agree. No nylons, unless I can find a black cardi or shrug to wear with it. After I took all of the photos, I realized that it looked a bit strange with the nylons and no matching sweater. Haha!

  4. Juanita says:

    I really do like the way this dress fits on you. Smart choice in fabric, so you wouldn’t need to fit a zipper 🙂

    I’m still teaching myself to sew from patterns, and elastic skirts are still my level of comfort :S
    Oh well… One day!

  5. Pia says:

    So pretty! Had to go and take a look at your flickr as well, lovely thingies you’ve made. 🙂


  6. Michelle says:

    Beautifully done! It’s inspiring to see what you’ve done. You really look great in the dress.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Wow, it looks great! Once again, excellent work 🙂

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