“Let’s Go Sailing” Asymmetrical Colorblock Top

Today’s piece was inspired by a napkin. Yes, a napkin. This napkin to be exact…

I get inspired by the strangest things sometimes. I really do find ideas everywhere—probably fifty times a day—but there just isn’t enough time in the day to create them all. 😉

The colors and shapes in the pattern of this napkin made the wheels in my head start turning. It was pretty late at night, but I had to go sit and look at my fabrics and recycled materials for a while. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let ideas slip away because I haven’t pursued them or drawn them out as soon as they came to mind.

The sailboats on the napkins made me envision a colorblock top, and I also wanted to give it a geometric look.

I used recycled and new materials for this top. The first component was this shirt from the thrift store.

Shirt with lace yoke

There was a spot where the lace is ripped, and separated from the rest of the shirt. I will use the lace for another project, but decided to take the lace off, and separate the sleeves from the shirt.

I began ripping the seams.

Seam ripping – In my impatience this started to turn into general ripping (including the fabrics). So, I changed my game plan.

I was impatient, so I just chopped off the lace portion along the seam.

The different pieces of the shirt

The next components of the shirt were the top of a recycled blue shirt (I used part of it for another project), some yellow fabric, and a peachy orange color fabric. I didn’t have the exact shades in the napkin, so I improvised.

Other pieces to the puzzle

I cut the ribbed band at the neckline of the blue shirt, and cut off the armhole bands to use around the sleeves, and a skinny little block for the middle of the top.

And we have separation!

Next, I used both the top of the ivory shirt (the lace portion), and the top of the blue shirt to measure and cut out the top pieces of the new top (adding seam allowances). I cut the blue shirt apart at the shoulder seam, and used it for the upper back portion of the shirt.

Pinned and ready for the machine

I then cut the rest of the ivory shirt so that it would be straight, rather than rounded at the top.

I used the rest of the ivory shirt to measure and cut the other blocks for the shirt, in the shapes that I wanted. For each section, I made sure to add seam allowances where needed.

I cut the bottom off of the sleeves, and trimmed the blue ribbing to fit.

The new sleeve pieces

I then sewed all of the different pieces together.

Sewing, sewing, sewing…

The next step was to add the sleeves, sleeve bands and neckline accent. I added a little button at the neckline because I love my buttons.

Attaching the sleeves

So, here’s the “Let’s Go Sailing” top. I’m going to add a yellow hem band around the bottom to give it a bit more length.

Land ho!

It’s not a style that appeals to everyone, but I love it!

I gave the neckline a slightly asymmetric look as well.

Here’s a pic from the side (there are actually two white pieces in the back, and they’re asymmetrical).

I had to take a picture with the napkin that started it all, which I used at dinner earlier. 😉

Holding the napkin of inspiration

About Becca

I am a self-taught seamstress, and I love to create unique women’s clothing. This blog is a record of the hodgepodge of sewing projects that occupy my time. Reconstruction projects are my favorite, but I also create clothing from my own designs using both recycled and new materials.
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6 Responses to “Let’s Go Sailing” Asymmetrical Colorblock Top

  1. Sarah Lewis says:

    Very creative! I absolutely love it! You always have a fun day wearing this shirt!!

  2. I LOVE this shirt! It reminds me of something old but something new!lol *if that makes sense* It is very unique! Great job! 🙂


  3. Kelly Virtue says:

    Becca, you’re so funny! You used the napkin at dinner, then took a picture with it!! That aside, excellent job on the nautical top. It looks so cute on you!!

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